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capital-project-manipur STATE CAPITAL PROJECT - Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee

The proposal of the state Government for a state Capital Project was approved by the Government of India led by the Hon’ble Prime minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, who laid the foundation Stone of the Assembly Complex on the 20th November, 2004. Fund has been provided by the Government of India through the Planning Commission of India for the Project under Reconstruction Plan/Special Assistance. The Capital Project comprises the following complexes:

1. The State legislative assembly Complex,

2. The high Court complex, and,

3. The Civil Secretariat complex.

It is a matter of pride for the state under the leadership of the hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri O. Ibobi Singh, that 2 components of the State Capital Project- the Assembly complex and the High Court complex, have been completed. It is also fitting that the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh himself inaugurated the Complexes, in the presence of the Hon’ble Chairperson, UPA, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, on the 3rd December, 2011.

The Complexes are no ordinarily structures, and they speak for the capability of the state PWD which is implementing the Project.

Construction of the Civil Secretariat Complex has also commenced and is expected to be completed by March, 2014.

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